Saturday, June 4, 2016

Cauldron-Cooked Pork, Onions, and Apples

I did this about a week ago but basically forgot to post it, so here it is.  In my last post I said I wanted to practice cooking in a cauldron, and this is my first serious success with it.  And it was easy, too.

I didn't add any oil because it was seasoned with coconut oil already.  I added what probably amounted to around three tablespoons diluted Four Thieves vinegar (the recipe I use is apple cider vinegar with sage, rosemary, thyme, and lavender steeped in it).  Added a cut up onion and apple, a couple cloves of sliced garlic, and some fresh rosemary, thyme, and sage from my garden.  Then I just put it over the fire until it was done.  It's not difficult and it turned out very good.

The pot next to it is for making tea and coffee, currently being used to make coffee as sort of a test.  There's a basket on the inside that sends spurts of hot water over the grounds much like a typical coffee maker.  The only problem with it was that at some point the grounds wound up stuck in the tube that spurts the water, so I was wondering why the spurts stopped (you can see them through a little window up top).  It's also made of aluminum which was not my first or even second choice.  It was also hard to get it hot enough to work, I wound up having to stick it right in the fire rather than hang it with my tripod.

I did buy and seal some beef and pork that I got at Costco, including pork loin chops and beef strip steaks.  I also sealed some fruit and nut packets in good serving sizes.  I still need to get canned fish (for breakfast and in case my other meat goes bad).  I'll probably eat the fruit/nut packs and fish for breakfast, the sealed fresh meat and fermented vegetables for dinner, and for lunch... still not sure.  I'll probably just keep easy stuff around for that.  I tend not to eat three whole squares a day anyway.

I finally got my gate pass for Pagan Spirit Gathering, and with that I am entering into the very last portion of planning and getting the last few things I'll need.  I plan on setting up my tent to test it this weekend sometime, I'll clean out my car and start packing things that I won't need out.

I've gotten the bulk of my gardening done, the only things left to plant basically being carrots and onions.  My romaine lettuce (which I planted way when it was cold, being that it is in fact lettuce) is doing fantastic.  I have a little hanging garden of strawberries that are doing pretty good, and spreading granulated livestock blood has mostly kept away the rabbits so I haven't needed to put up a fence yet.  Right now the property should be able to produce tomatoes, both hot and sweet peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, watermelons, and green beans with onions and carrots coming soon.  I picked these based on things I like (tomatoes... although to be fair everyone wants those, as their supermarket versions are such trash, green beans, strawberries), foods that are commonly considered sacred in ancient Egyptian Paganism (cucumbers, onions, watermelons) with zucchini thrown in just because they're easy to grow and make a great noodle substitute.

In the herb garden (which is flourishing right now) I have from last year garden sage, onion chives, lavender, thyme, and several types of mint.  I planted rosemary (my plant from last year didn't survive the winter), two types of basil, stevia, dill, oregano (another one that didn't survive), and I think one other?  I don't remember.  But currently all of them are doing well.