Thursday, November 3, 2016

Praise Serqet for One Mystery Solved

A while ago I talked about a skin condition I've had that just keeps getting worse.  I'd been treating it as athlete's foot because it started out looking like it... but it soon spread up the top of my feet.  Finally I went to the doctor to find that it's fucking scabies, so that was a nice contact-your-sexual-partners type of situation.  I also found out from my doctor that a skin condition on my arms and back that I thought was just acne was also from the scabies.  A couple days ago I gave myself the first dose of a topical medication to get rid of the bugs, then next week I may need to do it again to make sure any that hatch in the next week are also eradicated.

I'm really glad to have a diagnosis for this because it's been really miserable.  And it's really a testament to how important it is to realize that you can't natural health (or over-the-counter) your way out of everything.  Scabies has some natural remedies, but they're not particularly effective (sulphur seems to be the most common from what I've seen... and I've already used it).  After one treatment the extreme itch is already less of an issue because of the lack of new burrows.  The second treatment isn't supposed to be necessary, but I noticed a couple new bites today so I'll be doing it as a precaution.

I honestly have no idea where I could have gotten this, as I'm not a big touchy-feely kind of person (I'm well known to not be a hugger), so unless my girlfriend gave it to me and is asymptomatic this will remain a mystery to me.  I replaced my bedclothes (it's not actually necessary but it was on my things to do list anyway and I figured it was a good time) and will be using some natural scabies remedies as a preventative measure (including tea tree oil, neem oil, and sulphur).

Although it's probably not literally related, I'm going to take this as symbolic in a spiritual sense, because the stings/bites/burrows of insects are ruled and cured by the Goddess Serqet, who I also honor as a Goddess who fights against addiction.  She's who I work with regarding my food addiction, something which has come back full force in the past several weeks.

I've been slowly but surely cleaning my desk in order to make a new, bigger altar to work at.  I've decided it will be a primitive revival shrine focusing on animal, plant, and fungi symbols of natural life I work with often as well as of the Gods I worship (almost all of my Gods are either anthropomorphic or have very clear animal symbols).  Serqet's symbol is a scorpion, so that imagery will be there.  The other Deities I work with include Sekhmet (who will be represented by a lioness), Set (who will be represented by boars and Set-animals), Wepwawet (who will be represented by jackals and wolves), and a few others.  I need to finish creating a naos (cabinet for housing the images of Gods) that I purchased at a thrift store by painting it, I don't know if it will go on the altar or if it will be its own shrine.

The main difference between an altar and shrine is practical use.  In this case I'll be putting the shrine elements somewhere accessible but out of the way, with space to do magickal workings as well as practical herbal medicine, crafting, and naturalist study.  I've cleaned one of the drawers to put herbal medicine in already, I may procure a small bookshelf to put alongside the altar desk to put magickal and Pagan books as well as field guides.

I'll also magickally clear out the room, because it's been messy (in a cluttered sense, not a dirty sense) for so long it just feels gross to be in it, and the scabies also makes me feel kind of gross, even if it clearly didn't come from a messy room.

Alright, that's it for now.  Happy Trails,
-- Setkheni-itw