About "The Remembering Witch" and Blog Policies

Blog Purpose

Since it's incredibly important to the subject of this blog, I should mention right away:  I am not against modern medicine and view natural health primarily as a way of dealing with health deficits in a country that doesn't view healthcare as a human right and as an important knowledge base for primitive and disaster situations where medical care is not available.  Natural healing is great for mild conditions and it's often better than nothing when you have poor access to healthcare, but I absolutely do not advocate it in lieu of modern medicine for life-threatening conditions unless there is no other option. 

The Remembering Witch is a personal diary and soapbox written by one Setkheni-itw, a natural health self-practitioner and ancestral food dieter of the Pagan, queer, transgender, polyamorous, childfree, far-left variety.  I write critiques of political and social issues, talk about medical issues I face, share recipes for food and body care products, and write essays on spiritual matters among other things.

The information I have on this blog is primarily practical and not theoretical, with the exception of personal political and philosophical meanderings.  Readers who are interested in the why of anything I write would be better off checking some other resource.

What follows are some things about me as well as the policies I follow and common perspectives this blog takes.

About Setkheni-itw

I am an eclectic Pagan who has a history of ancient Egyptian reconstructionism (worship of ancient Egyptian Gods in ancient Egyptian ways) but who currently works mostly within a framework influenced by therioshamanism, ecoshamanism, and "cave magic" (drawing inspiration from the earliest humans).  I still worship ancient Egyptian Gods, but in the earliest forms available to me as guardians and personifications of animals and natural forces.  My Patrons are Set, Sekhmet, and Wepwawet.

I live a modernized domesticated lifestyle in the suburbs where I am a computer technician but am actively planning and working toward a more primitive, environmentally sustainable lifestyle.  I am trying to live more gently on the planet, but I'm not sure if the damage of human egotism can be fixed, so I try to be a holder and spreader of primitive lifeways just in case.

I am a medically transitioned but non-surgical transgender man.  I stopped taking testosterone in September of 2016.  I am also queer and polyamorous.  Politically I identify as a communist with a lot of inspiration coming from the Green Party, anarchists (especially anarcho-primitivists although mostly in theory and not praxis), and radical social, political, and environmental movements in general.

In my spare time I love cooking, gardening terribly, making crafts, watching endless Buzzfeed videos, birdwatching, and attempting to get through every episode of Star Trek.

Blog Policies

I am a private blogger and don't make much (if any) money from writing.  Still, it's important that I put together some coherent blog policies to explain things that might be confusing.
  • Comment PolicyI do not and will never allow blog comments.  I tend to get feedback (both supportive and critical) through linkbacks I find from Tumblr and other blogs.  Comments are overwhelmingly rife with oppressive bullshit, harassment, spam, and other things that stress me out and make it difficult to moderate them.
  • Monetization PolicyI am an anti-capitalist living in a capitalist world that makes it necessary to make money to survive.  I currently make enough money to survive but not enough to adequately pay off medical debt I accumulated while having shitty insurance and a shitty contract job.  When I have the opportunity to use an affiliate link, I often use it, but only for products I would have suggested anyway.  I also reserve the right to post things like designs from CafePress or products from my Etsy store.  I do not, however, accept products or money for reviews or otherwise write sponsored posts.
  • Language PolicyI adopt what basically amounts to "Old School Social Justice Warrior" terminology.  The language I use to describe myself, especially my trans experience, is more like what you'd find in the middle of the first decade of the millennium, and a lot of this language has been branded "problematic" by people who weren't around at that time (and quite frankly don't always know what they're talking about).  I use identity-first language when talking about disability (for instance "autistic person" rather than "person with autism" which is indicative of the "people first" language preferred by parents and caregivers) unless a specific person does not prefer it for themselves.  I also use preferred pronouns always, unless unknown, when I use singular "they."  In addition, most of my own identity is unlabeled due to lack of identity with the concepts creating them (for example, sexual orientation is not a concept I identify with at all, so I don't use labels like "bisexual" or "pansexual" anymore).  In cases where somebody's self-description is not harming anybody else, I take it as face value.
  • Trigger/Content Warning Policy
    I kind of seethe at politics surrounding trigger warnings, as we're at the point where they tend to either be withheld by assholes or haphazardly put on absolutely everything.  I use content warnings but I don't use them a lot and tend to limit them to the most common triggers (sexual assault, child abuse, rape, eating disorders, pretty much any graphic descriptions of abuse).
  • Suggested Copypasta PolicyI have this blog licensed under Creative Commons as I believe information should be freely shared, and I myself am largely doing well enough to not suffer as a result of people using my information.  As a suggestion I believe you should pay attention to what factors are going into your decision to share or modify my work, though.  Some things to think about:
    • Are you moving work in a way that makes ad revenue for a large, soulless company?
    • Are you editing information as a low-key way to police the language I use to describe myself?  For instance, I had somebody who is not trans copy an article once who had the gall to change "transgender" to "trans-gender," which is both wrong and something the copier knew nothing about to make that decision.  This resulted not only in taking a good article and making it incorrect, but making me look like I didn't know what I was talking about (she has changed it back on request, but think about things like that).
    • Are you misrepresenting what I say with any modifications made, information omitted, or contexts changed?
    • Again, you are able to use my material and photographs in any way covered by the Creative Common license, but I would prefer if you took the time to think about things like this.
    • If you are considering posting a picture, keep in mind that although virtually all of the photographs on this blog are my own, there is always a chance that I will repost something from somewhere else.  In such a case I do not own the copyright to this work, but I will attribute it underneath the picture.
  • Personal Information PolicyI currently collect information on things like search terms used to get to my website in order to test the waters for what readers are looking for.  For instance, if I wrote about a thing that is erroneously driving traffic about something related that I know things about, I may write about those in addition.  This is the only data collection I currently do, although in the future if I feel like doing contests or something like that this may change.  In such a case I will not use the information for anything other than the contest itself.